Afigmatism: Change

“Be the change you want to see.”


Everyone wants change. Everyone and everything needs change. Everyone hates change. Everyone likes/ loves change. Some people and things change for the better. Some people and things change for the worst. Some people and things don’t change at all. Whether we love it or hate it, want/need it or hate it; change is necessary.


Excuse the Details

I hate change. Especially when they jingle and jangle with every step. Also when my pockets get so full of change, my pants get very heavy -_-



I don’t mind a change in myself. But I tend to avoid it for the most part. Major changes occur when I go through a certain life changing experience that alters the way I think. So change for me is usually not of my own will and it’s something I have to adapt to. I love to adapt. Anything I can apply to myself that I know will help me during the moment and/or later on in life, I absorb it.

One thing I really hate is when someone makes me change my personality. Then complain that I’m not the same person. FUCK YOU!!! Sorry… Fuck you. That’s better. The way I look, is a reflection of a part of my personality. If you are interested in knowing what is going on inside my head, the way I look is the gate. Whether or not I want to let you in is determined by how you approach me. Criticize what I wear and/or how I wear it, or how I look in general, you can find someone else to talk to.

How I think is in a complex manner. If you can figure it out, you deserve a cookie. I’ll leave all of you to guess how my brain works.


Our bodies naturally change, mainly physical growth. Height is one major noticeable change. Other changes vary by gender, where one grows… things… in places where the other gender doesn’t. 

As we get older, aside from natural changes, we make changes in our appearance. Changes that follow trends, show what our interests are, what we feel compliments our natural appearance or what we believe in. This form of change is usually what boosts our confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, etc. as long as we made the decision for the change. When forced, the opposite happens. We become unhappy, miserable and we develop a false sense of positive reinforcement.


Mental change reflects our life experiences. The path of mental change is always decided by how we are raised. We take in certain things that stand out to us the most. It can motivate, inspire, scar and destroy us depending on how we deal with the experience. What we are taught. How we react. Where we are placed in the environment. When we decide to act.

While we are young, the ideas are implanted. From there we choose how to shape and nurture these ideas, if we even choose to. It comes down to how we apply ourselves and our respective personalities are developed.


This is where we put ourselves to the test. The physical change and mental change of every single living thing in the world, meshed together. Either colliding into conflict or blending into one. The world itself is changing and we have to change along with it. It’s arguable that we are the ones changing the world. Depends on your point of view. I believe it’s more of a collaborative effort. But evolution is inevitable.


Change is necessary. Don’t change who you are for others, change for yourself. To recognize our flaws, our weaknesses and our strengths. We all have them. We need to open our hearts and minds, so we can be one force for positive change. We compliment each other. It is why we exist. It is how living things survive. It is how we get a snack from the vending machine when the bloody thing won’t take our bills. It is how balance is achieved. It is how we make an impression. It is how we stay sharp. It is how we make it loud.

“If you are crazy enough to believe that you can change the world, you will.”




Afigmatism: Human Rights


Human rights. LGBT couples don’t need to have rights. They were already born with the freedom. The freedom to choose who they want to love.

If I remember correctly, homosexuality has been around for as far as what man has recorded. Bacchanals, as they were called, were held to honor the Roman god of wine: Bacchus (Dionysus in Greek mythology). These orgies involved promiscuity between men, mainly, as women weren’t allowed to join. I’ve read somewhere that Spartan men had sex with each other to show dominance over each other. There were no labels back then. Why attach them now? Who are we to decide who another can and can’t love or spend time with?

This stigma needs to perish. Everyone needs to be equal. The world is constantly changing and we need to move with the times. I support “Human Freedom” not because I’m a gay, but because I support the open-mindedness and the natural order of humanity. The closed-minded bigots need to see beyond what their hands can reach. Being open-minded creates room for positive growth within ourselves and for humanity. How are we to prosper, when we are creating the instruments of our demise?

(This topic shall be expanded upon in the future.)

Please feel free to leave questions, comments and opinions. -Figment Proxy

I Miss the Childhood I Never Had

Memories written on a piece of paper. I stare at my hands and relive everything that has come to pass. I was so naive as a child. But who wasn’t? Imagination runs wild as we escape from the reality we breathed and we didn’t even realize that we had to eventually. The only memories of my childhood was not having one. Being forced to grow up and miss out on what it was like to be a kid. Listening to the memories of others puts me far behind from where I’m supposed to be, as I try to live these memories now. I never had the innocence to be able to determine what is truly wrong or right. Developing a sage mentality so early in their life leaves one a shell of a person. Their reality left twisted to fulfill an emptiness which could have been avoided to begin with. It’s a regret I shouldn’t have. Yet, I live with it every day. Knowing that I’ll never get my childhood back, I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Afigmatism: Intro

Afigmatism: To put theories in motion. So these will be my thoughts and ideas written out as detailed as possible. A lot may not agree or even comprehend what I say, but that is why I recommend reading with an open mind. I will make sense out of everything and justify everything I say. This blog will also act as an AMA (Ask Me Anything), if you would like my thoughts on certain topics that you have in mind.


This blog will contain my thoughts on everything in everyday life. My goal is to create an open mind to anyone who reads this. I understand what I say from here on out may be controversial, but that is the usual result of free speech.

My thoughts will be compiled into a collection I call “Afigmatism”.